Old fashioned candy from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s are still available after all these years!

You are never too old for a childhood memory.

Do you remember candies like Wax Lips, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, BB Bats, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Buttons on paper tape, or Zagnut? How about bulk candies like Mary Janes, Atomic Fireballs and Bit-O-Honey? You probably also remember going to the corner store and bringing home as many of these candies as you could carry.
At OldTimeCandy.com you’re able to easily find the Candy you ate as a kid®. Order a gift box of candy from your favorite decade, or pack your own assortment with our Pack-a-Bag option. Bulk candy is available in 2 lb. or 5 lb. bags and whole cases. So take a slow walk down the candy aisle. Go ahead, take your time. The memories are on us.

Candy Memories

  • Brian from Maryland

    When my two sisters and I were young, back in the late 50's, our Dad would take us to the neighborhood playground. When we were playing in the sandbox, Dad would toss coins into the sand when we weren't looking. We really thought we were finding lost treasure! When we headed back home we'd stop at the corner store and use the coins to buy candy. Mainly candy buttons - our favorite. Back then the buttons were tough to detach - we wound up eating a lot of paper too. Miss those days!-Brian from Maryland

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  • Kathy from Nevada

    I loved Pop Rocks growing up! Nothing was more fun than tearing open a packet, dumping the whole thing in my mouth, and then chewing a little and feeling the sensation of them popping! Sometimes when I opened my mouth they would actually pop all the way out! It was always funny how they would turn your tongue colors too! If only time machines were real...-Kathy from Nevada

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  • LaToya from Connecticut

    My first memory of eating candy was a good Sugar Daddy. I had no idea it wasn't as soft as taffy, so of course I struggled with it for a while and then mastered eating them like a pro. My grandmother would always have a big one on Easter Sunday for me. That was the only thing I looked forward to being in my Easter baskets. I still love them today and now my children do as well. -LaToya from Connecticut

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About Us

We are Karen and Donny Ray, and our business is located in LaGrange, Ohio. Growing up in the late fifties and early sixties makes us certified baby boomers. We remember when it only cost 50 cents to go to the picture show, and when a large bag of popcorn from the dime store was only 10 cents (really!). We also remember moments like the first McDonald’s in Cleveland when the burgers were 15 cents, and fries sold for 12 cents. Those were the days! Our daughter, Barb was born in the late sixties, and grew up with Generation X. As OldTimeCandy.com grew she joined the candy business and has been working alongside us ever since.

Why Buy from Us

  • We've tracked down over 80 manufacturers of the Candy you ate as a kid®. Save time by ordering your favorite retro candy from one source and start reliving those candy memories.

  • We offer free shipping on orders over $250 (within the continental U.S.) and for all APO/FPO orders worldwide. This is our small way of saying thank you to our servicemen and women.

  • You earn rewards every time you shop! Every dollar spent gets you 1 point that's equal to 10 cents (that’s $10 off once you earn 100 points)! Reach 100 points to start redeeming them for some sweet deals!

  • Delayed shipment is available for special events and holidays so your order will arrive as planned. You can also include a handwritten card (yes, handwritten) during checkout for a personal touch.

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Every donation helps, and to show our great appreciation, OldTimeCandy.com will match every dollar donated.

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